Welcome to the online diary of the “London Ziegs,” as they journal their experiences relocating from the balmy climes of sunny Orlando, Florida to the more chaotically cosmopolitan environment of London, UK!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

1000 Words

I was browsing randomly for other London expat blogs (there are quite a few), and stumbled across this by sheer chance.  It is easily the most eloquent expression of all that our family hopes to experience and achieve in our upcoming journey.  If in two years time, I can post anything half so powerful, the move will have been worth every moment.


  1. Hey guys - was checking out our site stats and saw you'd linked into our blog. Welcome, and thanks! And we're glad that you enjoy our musings enough to nudge more people to read them :o)


  2. Thank you for this. As we prepare to say goodbye to London, your words were a powerful reminder of how fortunate we've been here and of the fact that our years in London really were a dream come true. Wishing your family an equally meaningful and memorable time in the UK. I look forward to seeing your version of this slide show 2 years from now... :)