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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tumble Trouble

This morning we had the chance to walk through our new home with the current tenants and their estate agent. The nominal purpose was to go through the owner's furnishings and determine what household goods we might put to good use, versus those that we already had enroute from the States. However, Laura and the other mom, as well as our kids and one of their two boys, hit it off so well you'd think a full-blown tea social was in force! In fact, after a bit the estate agent gave up trying to keep is on-topic and left us to sort it out :-)

Unfortunately, I got a bit too into the swing of things and in a moment of distraction took a tumble down the stairs :-( I don't THINK my ankle's fractured, but it's swollen enough to make it hard to get around. I'm sitting with an ice pack now, so we'll see what the morning brings.

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