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Monday, December 29, 2008

Movie Monday

That has such better assonance than "Picture Monday", don't you think? And besides, it gives us a chance to play with the most-excellent new Flip camcorder my parents sent us for Christmas! The only editing software I had onhand was the iMovie freeware that came on my Macbook...okay for starters, but I can already see where I'll want to explore more powerful offerings later.

Because we found continuous-shot walkthroughs helpful ourselves when trying to remotely visualize distances and "ground truth" before our move, we started with this single-shot recording of a walk from High Street Methodist back to our house:

[UPDATE] YouTube apparently doesn't like 14min videos, so I'll just link this one directly for now :-)

A couple days later, we took my brother Scott on a 16,000-step hike (per our 2008 pickle present!) through London, including this tour through the Tower of London and across Tower Bridge:

Finally, I'm including the following video which we did not take, but which I found on YouTube, documenting Maidenhead's Christmas Light Switch-On from Jonathan's birthday; heck, we might even appear in some of the crowd shots :-)

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