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Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday Roast

Two weeks ago, we were invited by Jean and Bill, two of our new friends from High Street Methodist, to dinner at their home after church. This was our first introduction to the English custom of "Sunday Roast," and may I say were were quite taken by it! Apparently the British don't need to celebrate Thanksgiving once a year, because they get to do it EVERY WEEK! The table was decked out with roast chicken, stuffing, sausages, bacon, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, Brussels sprouts, carrots, swede (sp?), Yorkshire puddings, gravy, sherry plus your choice of white or red wine, coffee, and last but not least blackberry crumble. And this is two weeks after the fact, so I'm surely forgetting a few sides. WOW! What a magnificent feast...and this is apparently a regular custom -- one we may have to bring back to America someday :-)

Besides sumptious dinner, Jean and Bill were extremely pleasant and articulate hosts. Both received their degrees at Oxford: she in theology (she ministers at a local parish) and he in mechanical engineering. It turned out that he had worked on many British aircraft, both commercial and military, so we had some interesting room for discussion. Jean is a governor at a council school, so provided a wealth of information regarding local school options, enrollment and assessment procedures, etc.

Our boys enjoyed the day as well. Christopher beat everyone at checkers (they call it "draughts" here), repeated the trick at Connect-4, and finally taught Jean how to play Mexican Train with dominoes. Jonathan found some Tolkien in their copious library and curled up in a cozy chair to get down with some Hobbits.

All told, it was a wonderful day, and we are truly grateful to have found such a warm welcome by the community at High Street Methodist.

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