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Sunday, January 25, 2009


I was invited to the arts group that is sponsored by the church we’ve been attending, so I gladly went along. I took along some small projects I’d been working on and some ideas for a story I’d been needing to get on paper. When I arrived, I found women working on paintings and drawings (not writing or crafting). They all smiled and nodded at me politely, but one friend asked if I wouldn’t like to try some drawing. Well, why not? This whole trip is supposed to be about trying new things.

When I arrived, one lady was studying a piece of wood with moss and lichen growing on it with a magnifying glass. She had picked up the wood on a trip to Scotland and was delighted to find so many beautiful things in one place. Then other ladies gathered around, equally amazed at the blooms and interesting textures. Then my friend set me up with drawing pencils, paper, and a mug, and instructed me to “draw what you see, not what you think is there.” A zen moment, if I ever heard one. After an hour and a half of “drawing you see” I felt relaxed and happy that I took the time to see the wonders around me.

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