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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting School (Jonathan Edition)

Jonathan was supposed to start school today, but apparently some more paperwork cropped up which needs to be sorted before he can begin classes. Laura is trying to work those issues out today, with the hope that he can begin later this week, or in the worst case, early next.

Desborough (desborough.co.uk) is also divided into four houses, apparently named for the various houses of royalty (Windsor, and I assume Stuart, etc...I'm afraid I didn't listen to the British History audiobooks quite as assiduously as Laura in the run-up to this venture!) Like Hogwarts, each has their own House tie, whether red, blue, green, or yellow.

Desborough is a bit further than Ellington, so Jonathan's facing a rather longer walk; but the school is just a bit past the train station, so hopefully I will be able to walk with him some or all of the way many mornings. Jonathan's already met one like-aged boy who lives two doors down from us and makes the same walk each morning, so at least he needn't trudge it alone.

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